Barry Rollan

This app lets a user search for movies, then retrieves that movie trailer for viewing. Our project group had to make two AJAX calls to retrieve, firstly, the movie's YouTube id from its title, then, secondly, its meta data from another API. Then, finally, we display the movie trailer video along with compiled data.
Movie Trailer App
stock search
Utilizing jQuery (with AJAX calls), Bootstrap, HTML and CSS, this mobile-responsive app allows a user to dynamically generate buttons that will, when clicked, see stock information for any valid stock symbol in the IEX Trading database.
Stock Search
In this app, a user can answer a 10-question survey about their personality traits and store it to a database. The app generates the name and image of a person already in the database whose answers to that same survey most closely match the user's.
Personality Match
This app required that a database of inventory items be displayed in a familiar online shop layout. Upon checkout, items are moved from inventory, adjusting the inventory totals.
Mock Market
People within an organization are able to publicly praise teammates and co-workers. A database of kudos is stored and displayed upon opening. A user can click a button to add to the database their own praise for someone. The database is updated and the new kudos are displayed with the old.
Give Kudos
With Newzy, a user must sign in or resgister before being taken to the main page where they can click on a button containing a news source to see the latest headlines from that source, dynamically create new buttons with new sources, and also search all news sources by keyword. Each user can save articles to their own database for later reading.
Newzy App
After registering and logging in, this app allows a user to search a database of bars and restaurants within a given geographical area that have scheduled events that the user may be interested in. The user can sort by event type, geographical area and/or day of the week. An interactive map shows the location of each address, as well.
Using React, React-Bootstrap, Node, React-Router-Dom along with CSS and HTML, and hosting on Github, I am constructing Harrison's landscape and pressure-washing business website. Specially customized code had to be created to coax Github Pages to utilize routing through React Router progress
Using React with hooks and React-Bootstrap, along with CSS and HTML, and hosting on Github with a masked URL, I built a website for my own salon business with buttons to text or email me and embedded, third-party code for appointment-making.
Hair Salon Website
Using React, CSS modules and Javascript, I built my first game: the old Memory card game.
Memory Match Game