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My name is Barry Rollan and I live in Atlanta, Georgia.

Learning to master new and, often difficult, skills has been a lifelong penchant for me. I love challenging myself to learn, then apply that learning, even if it's just for fun. Whether it’s studying a new language, mastering sudoku or the Rubik’s cube, creating micro-climates for native plants, or playing my favorite stealth video games (for too long, probably), I like figuring things out.

I have worked independently and gained great success as a professional hair stylist since 2001. While working, I completed a Bachelor’s of Interdisciplinary Studies in Spanish and Applied Linguistics at Georgia State University, where I was named Outstanding Graduating Senior in 2006 and awarded the distinction of Magna Cum Laude.

After that, I continued to maintain my clientele, but I also taught English as Foreign Language at Kaplan University and evaluated the spoken aspect of the Test of English as a Foreign Language at Educational Testing Service.

Recently, I completed the certification program of Full Stack Development accredited by the Georgia Institute of Technology and Trilogy Education. I learned there that I really enjoy working with both the backend and frontend, but something about React techniques really resonated with me and I am eager to do more with that, HTML, CSS and the many libraries I engaged. On the backend, I gained a great understanding of server-side architecture using Node.js, Express.js, routing, APIs, and AJAX calls. I also comprehend how to manage and interact with databases utilizing MongoDB and SQL.

I believe my aptitude for solving riddles, my knack for languages, my experience in visual aesthetics and my tenacious work ethic, along with the balance I have for being both very personable and tech-minded, make web and software development a perfect next move for me. The constant evolution of technology is one of the most exciting aspects about going into this field. I hope we are both lucky enough to work together!